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Lund is founded around 990 during the regim of Danish King Harald Bluetooth, when Scania was a part of Denmark. After 1000 Lund became a major Christian centre of the Baltic Sea region. In 1103 the diocese became the Catholic Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lund. Lund Cathedral was built in the years 1090–1145. The City became according to the Treaty of Roskilde conquered by by the Swedish Crown  an in 1720 Lund became a part of Sweden.

The City of Lund, with it's nearly 90 000 inhabitants, has great traditions within education. Lund University, established 1666, is today one of Scandinatvia's largest institutions for education and research. The university led to Lund becoming a centre for high-tech industry in the south of Sweden. Numerous literary and intellectual figures have lived or studied in Lund, including the writer August Strindberg and the scientist and naturalist Carl Linnaeus

 Wonderful Lund


AF Borgen

In 1830 the Academic Society was founded in Lund based on the Anglo-Saxon college system. They wanted to create a home for all students, but also a meeting place for university teachers and former students. Under the slogan coniuncta valent – the united is strong – has in Lund created a social and cultural center with no counterpart at any other Swedish university. AF Borgen, also called ynglingaborgen, is beyond Academic Society also home to several independent student associations.

AF building was completed in 1851 and replaced the AF’s first house Sylwanska gården (“Sylwan’s farm”). The architect, HJ Strömberg, was inspired by medieval castles and constructed a house specially adapted to the students’ needs. 

The idea of the AF building was initially that all members could be in the house at the same time. As this was difficult even at the early 1900s the house was expanded to the North in 1911 by architect Frederick Sundbärg. 



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We can also recommend:

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City Bikes

for 25 SEK for 3 days you can renst one of 250 bikes at 17 stations, belonging to Lunddahoj. The 3-day pass  can be bought directly at the bike stations with credit card.  A reservation sum of 140 SEK will be booked on your credit card to use for any charges if you exceed the 30 minutes that are free. Also remember to check that your card is open to foreign purchases on the internet (we use a French bank).

The first half hour at each ride is always free.

Public Transport

Discover Lund with the help of Skånetrafiken!
The green city buses will easily take you to Lund’s centre. Or why not take one of the yellow busses to the picturesque villages around Lund. Skånetrafiken operates with a cash-free system. This means you can only pay with a so called Jojo-Card (Skånetrafiken’s own customer card), at the bus with your debit/credit cardcard, a
24/72 hour ticket or a Single fare ticket that you can buy at Skånetraken Customer Service Centre or at the Tourist Office. Information on both city buses, regional buses
and Öresundståg to Själland you will find at Skånetrafiken.

Across the Sound is the Danish airport Kastrup, the international airport of Copenhagen. Kastrup is not only Denmark’s biggest airport but in fact
the biggest airport in Scandinavia. From Kastrup
you can easily get to Lund by train.

Furthermore, 25 km away from Lund, is Sturup where Malmö Airport is located. You get to and from the airport by bus, the so called Flygbussar.

Taxi stations;
By the centralstation, Västra stationstorget
Recommended companies are:

Taxi Skåne

Tel: +46 46 33 03 30

Dalby Taxi
Tel: +46 46 20 30 50







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