Welcome to DTU Energy's annual PhD symposium

17 January 2020


Do not miss this unique opportunity to get insight into the latest research within sustainable energy technologies 



The symposium is the seventh in a series of annual PhD symposia where the department’s PhD students are brought together to present their research activities within the field of sustainable energy technologies by either an oral or a poster presentation.


Companies are invited to participate and are thus given the chance to meet the department’s PhD students and hear about their projects – and maybe be inspired to collaborate with us in new projects, or to suggest PhD students to come to their companies after their PhD studies.


Join the symposium and find a unique place to be introduced to our strategic technologies and network with the PhD students and industry representatives.


Søren Linderoth, Head of Department






Registration deadlines 

PhD students from DTU Energy: 9 December 2019
Other participants from DTU Energy: 11 December 2019
Participants from industry: 13 January 2020
DTU alumni participants: 13 January 2020



Technical University of Denmark, Anker Engelunds Vej 1, building 101, 2800  Kgs. Lyngby