RIWC 2021 Exhibition

Welcome to the RIWC 2021 Exhibition



The Exhibition of the Rehabilitation International World Congress 2021 will take place at two venues. Both are located right in the centre of the beautiful city of Aarhus, Denmark:


Rå Hal

At this venue the exhibition will take place as a relatively traditional fair with individual exhibition booths for each of the exhibitors. The exhibitors will be grouped thematically, and there will be guided tours to the exhbition for conference participants.

The fee for an exhibition booth at this venue with registration from May 2nd 2020 will be:

  • 1 unit (6 m2) (minimum): 13,000 DKK (~1,745 €)
  • 2 units (12 m2): 24,000 DKK (~3,222 €)
  • 3 units (18 m2): 33.000 DKK (~4,430 €)
  • 4 units (24 m2) (maximum): 42,500 DKK (~5,705 €)

The exhibitors are allowed to present no more than 2 products per booth in this exhibition.

The Exhibition Booth (in Rå Hal)

  • maximum 2 persons at the exhibition booth
  • approximately 2x3 m without walls.
  • Power 220V, at least 2 sockets.
  • 1 tall café table.
  • 2 foldable chairs.



At this venue the exhibition will be organised as “living labs”. There will be around 20 different exhibition areas inside Ridehuset and 1 outside.

The idea is that one exhibitor takes charge of one living lab, e.g. Bathroom or Kitchen, and builds an exhibition space that shows an actual bathroom or kitchen with their products. The intention is to establish something that is different from the normal exhibition setup, and to make it possible for visitors to get an innovative hands-on experience. We already have a bathroom, a bedroom and a gym. Other ideas for living labs are: Living Room, Office, Gym, Children’s Room, Snoezel, Travel/mobility- and an Outdoor area outside the exhibition hall.
These are all just ideas and will be subject to changes according to registrations and your wishes as an exhibitor.

The exhibition spaces in Ridehuset have 3 different sizes.

The fee for an exhibition booth at this venue with registration from May 2nd 2020 will be:

  • Small (appr. 16 m2): 25,000 DKK (~3,356 €)
  • Medium (appr. 24 m2): 38,000 DKK (~5,101 €)
  • Large (appr. 52 m2): 80,000 DKK (~10,739 €)

If you believe that your product(s) would fit into this concept, you should contact the RIWC 2020 Exhibition organizers.


At both venues there will also be a separate stage, "Speaker's Corner", where exhibitors and conference speakers can present their product(s)/research/projects or what ever.


At RIWC 2020 we want to give promising startup companies working within rehabilitation the opportunity to present themselves and meet future collaborators. The startup area at Godsbanen will consist of small booths close to the exhibition area in Rå Hal and will also involve dedicated guided tours for the participants.

To be eligible as a startup, your company should have been registered as a company for no more than 3 years.

There are 15 startup booths. The price for a startup booth will be 1.100,- DKK (~148 €) (without any catering).


A Startup Booth will include 1 table and 1 chair. The size of the booth will be 4m2 (2x2m).


If you think you might fit into the Startup category and want to apply for a Startup booth - contact the RIWC 2020 Exhibition organizers


Note that there is a limited number of exhibition booths - we have room for a maximum of 90 exhibitors. (70 in Rå Hal and 20 in Ridehuset)

Once an exhibitor has registered, the organisers will send an invoice and a template for a detailed description of the product(s) of the exhibitor. This description will be used on the web page of the RIWC 2021 Exhibition. (See the AAL 2019 Exhibition web for examples of product descriptions).


The RIWC 2021 dates are from Tuesday, September 7th until Thursday, September 9th 2021. The exhibitors should set up their exhibition booth on Monday, 6th of September. More practical info will be announced in due time, around the beginning of August 2021.


The exhibition will be visited by the international RIWC 2021 participants on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as well as citizens and professionals of the City of Aarhus. The organizers of RIWC2021 are expecting around 2,500 particpants from all over the world: from Denmark & Scandinavia, the rest of Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific,


The thematic visits will be organised as guided tours in groups of 5-15 persons with a tour guide. In the guided tours, each exhibitor has a fixed time to pitch his product(s) IN ENGLISH and get feedback and questions from the tour group.