Everybody shows from time to time a behaviour that hardly can be described as appropriate. Perhaps you are tired and irritable after a long day at work; the kids are fighting for the television remote in the living room and your dinner has just burnt. In such case an unjustified reaction towards the poor spouse asking for a helping hand vacuum cleaning may easily occur.

At this years International Autism Conference we will put the spotlight on inappropriate and challenging behaviour – and we will get far and wide within these topics including aggressive behaviour, self-injurious behaviour and pathological demand avoidance. We wil focus on describing and understanding such behaviour, but most importantly how to deal with it in everyday life whether in school, at home, residence facilities and in other contexts.

The first keynote will be given by professor Chris Oliver from the University of Birmingham. He is a highly recognized capability in self-injurious and repetitive behaviours in autism. Later on Dorthe Birkmose will assist us interpreting behaviours of others with nuances and understanding in order to protect ourself and treating others well, while Phil Christie will give us an insight in pathological demand avoidance which often stems from a fear of losing control. Simultaneously, Andy McDonnell guides us how families and professionals through the creation of a positive framework and supporting well-being can reduce the prevalence of challenging behaviour. Finally Richard Solomon will close the conference with his keynote on the PLAY Project, an early intervention programme for the development of language, positive behaviour and social skills for children with autism.

In addition to the above mentioned speaks several sessions of workshops are offered during the conference. Here you can find both professional knowledge and inspiration and simultaneously you have the opportunity to exchange experience between theoreticians and practitioners. We offer a total of 30 workshops that cover a wide spectrum in terms of issues, age and level of functioning, and you can compose your own program to fit your work and your interests precisely.

This year we will expand the program with and early start Thursday morning with 3 workshops in parallel with the conference movie - as an added bonus and a chance to get an even greater professional and academic learning.

After a long day with autism and a lovely dinner in good company, it is time for a little entertainment. True, she has to our knowledge not climbed a high mountain to retrieve an ancient stone tablet, but nevertheless she will present 10 alternative commandments loaded with knowledge of life. We look forward to presenting none other than Hella Joof and hear her wise words on everything from love, parents, divorces to envy and happiness.


Poul Christian Sørensen
Chairman, Foundation Samraadet



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