The Foundation Samraadet is offering training, organising conferences and sessions on education, employment and development of life skills for children, youngsters and adults with autism or related disablilities. The Foundation Samraadet is a continuation of the Association of Schools for Children with Autism and has played a major role in the professional development in autism in Denmark


We have many national and international cooperation partners: 


  • Autism Denmark
  • Centre for Autism, Denmark
  • National Board of Social Services, Denmark
  • AUTEA, Gelsenkirschen, Germany
  • RFA Utbildningscenter Autism, Stockholm, Sverige
  • Studio III Training Systems, England
  • Centre for Special Needs Education and Research, University of Northampton, England
  • Division TEACCH, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA.

The chairman of the foundation Samraadet, Poul Christian Soerensen can be contacted by phone (+45) 2498 9211 or by email: for further information.


Our website is found at (in Danish only)



Earlier conferences:

  • 1989: Autism and educational strategies, Theo Peeters
  • 1990: Autism, treatment and education, Gary Mesibov m.fl.
  • 1991: Autism, treatment and research, Lorna Wing, Uta Frith m.fl.
  • 1992: Understanding autism and meeting the demands of people with autism, Francesca Happé, Elizabeth Newson, Gary Mesibov, Ole Sylvester Jørgensen, Kaia Mates, Sandra Harris, Theo Peeters, M. E. van Bourgondien
  • 1993: Autisme, quality of life and outlook on life, Temple Grandin, Tor Nørretranders, Poul Shattock, Uffe Juul Jensen
  • 1994: Autism, understanding other minds, Francesca Happé, Peter Mundy, Theo Peeters, Anegen Trillingsgaard, Olga Nikolskaya
  • 1995: Autism and development, Lorna Wing, Jack Wall, Carol Gray, Svend Olof Dahlgren, Anegen Trillingsgaard
  • 1996: Cooperation between relatives and profesionals, B. J. Freeman, Gary Mesibov, Rutger Jan van der Gaag, Kasper Elsvor
  • 1997: Early intervention - lifelong intervention, Anegen Trillingsgaard, Lennart Pedersen, Theo Peeters, Hilde de Clercq, Marie Bristol, Patricia Howlin
  • 1999: Early development - Aspergers syndrom, Anthony Lee, Peter Mundy, Lone Gammeltoft, Jannik Beyer, Suzanne Steffenburg, Gunilla Gerland
  • 2000: Communication and social skills, Jørgen Nielsen, Sally Ozonoff, Andy Bondy, Demetrious Haracopos
  • 2001: Learning and mastering, Linda King-Thomas, Carol Gray, Temple Grandin
  • 2002: Consistency and inclusion, Bryna Siegel, Sally J. Rogers, Wendy Lawson
  • 2003: Autism and social development, Clara Claiborne Park, Roger Cox
  • 2004: An insiders view on autism - a search for meaning, Theo Peeters, Helene Tranquist, Hilde de Clercq, Carl Söderholm
  • 2005: Challenges in a new century, Peter Carpenter, Isabella Hénault, Torben Isager
  • 2006: Research to promote understanding, Gary Mesibov, Richard Mills
  • 2007: ASD – changes and challenges, Mohammad Ghaziuddin, Rita Jordan, Stephen Shore
  • 2008: ASD - from research to practice, Mary E. Van Bourgondien, Ann Palmer, Petra Björne, Marie Howley, James Bodfish, Joe Piven
  • 2009: Autism throughout life, David L. Holmes, Pamela Wolfberg, Connie Kasari, Michael Seidel
  • 2010: Three world centres in autism, Judith Gould, Susan Leekam, Susan Rivera, Ann Mastergeorge, Mary E. Van Bourgondien
  • 2011: Autism from inside, Gunilla Gerland, Pelle Sandstrak
  • 2012: Autism and stress - New diagnostics, Michael McCreadie, Ole Sylvester Jørgensen
  • 2013: The many faces of autism, Bo Hejlskov, Christian Stewart-Ferrer
  • 2014: Insight and foresight, Gary Mesibov, Stephen Shore, Liz Pellicano, Andy McDonnell, Michael McCreadie
  • 2015: Tools of autism, Kenth Hedevåg, Carl Söderholm, Thomas Burgeron, Richard Mills
  • 2016: Voices of autism, Patricia Howlin, John Miller, Ditte Rose Andersen, Kirsten Bundgaard
  • 2017: When behavior challenges, Chris Oliver, Dorthe Birkmose, Phil Christie, Andy McDonnell, Richard Solomon

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