Thank you to all participants and invited speakers for making the day a great success with lively and fruitful discussions.


The speakers have kindly provided copies of their slides for participants to download.





"Recent International Research on LED Quality Metrics

and New Lighting Regulations in Europe"

7 October 2019 kl 9-17

Niels Bohr Auditoiet, Building 112, Risø campus 


The new EU omnibus lighting regulation sets new product demands on all lighting products and equipment including efficacy, flicker, lifetime, etc.  The new regulation also rescales the energy label.  The package is expected to be published in September 2019 – but what does it mean for your business?


International experts from the IEA 4E Solid State Lighting (SSL) Annex are meeting in Denmark, and will participate in a one-day seminar on 7 October 2019 to examine the new lighting regulation and the required testing.  They will explain the important issues and you will have the opportunity to join the discussion and ask questions.




Flicker or TLM for temporal light modulation will be an important part of the talks and discussion over health, testing and policy issues. Jennifer Veitch will talk about a new investigation on visibility of stoboscopic effect. This has included 85 test persons in Canada and in France. In two other talks these results will be related to an TLM laboratory test of LED lighting products and the limits in new EU lighting regulation.




Who should attend: The seminar is aimed at producers, importers and distibutors of lighting products. The talks will be in English

You can follow the new developments in the SSL Annex in the LinkedIn group. The Danish participation in this work is financed by EUDP and the Danish Energy Agency.  


The seminar takes place on 7 October 2019, kl 9-17, at Niels Bohr auditoriet, building 112, DTU Fotonik at DTU Risø campus (Directions)

DTU Fotonik - ├śrsteds Plads 343 - 2800 - Kgs Lyngby - 46774525 -