The Actor - Reality Construction 15.-17. October 2019

Call for papers on pragmatic constructivism and construction of organised reality



The purpose of the conferences on actor-reality construction is to exchange research ideas and
contributions to deepen insight into the problems and possibilities of constructing social human
practices and strengthen the output of research articles and books. We welcome submissions within
any topics that provide insight into the construction of (dys-)functional practices. However,
responding to the dynamics of the present social conditions, the conference will address issues of
human values, markets, measurement, digitalisation, and learning, as well as the role of live
communication that enables organisational practices to cope meaningfully with these issues.


Specifically, the conference will illuminate the impact of different forms of communicative practices,
including practices of accounting, management, marketing, ethics, teaching, research, innovation,
human cultivation, social interaction, etc. and the role AI-languages and systems may play or are
already playing in such practices. A major concern is the soundness, ethics and the role of
communicative practices in organisations - i.e. the language games used in practice - in creating or
negating intelligent learning- and value-oriented organisations. The possible subject areas of the
desired submissions include (but are not limited to) the following: learning processes, costing,
performance measurement, organisational processes, pedagogic, psychology, sociology
methodology, and communication.


The conference invites three categories of contributions: i) Full papers, ii) Abstracts and iii) PhDprojects.
There will be enough time for in-depth discussions and reflections among the participants,
which will hopefully develop their thoughts and paper writings further.

Invited Speakers – to be announced

SDU - Campusvej 55 - 5230 - Odense M -