Workshop on Volumetric Fibre Segmentation with Insegt Fibre


This workshop is organised by the Centre for Quantification of Imaging Data from Max IV (QIM). It will consist of a set of talks and a hands-on session, during which the software Insegt Fibre will be applied to segment fibres from example data-sets. Insegt Fibre has proven to be a powerful segmentation tool for quantifying fibre architecture in composites. For more information on Insegt Fibre visit QIM's science cases.


Due to the success of last year's event, the programme has been extended with an optional second day. This day is very much open to the wishes of each participant. With help from the instructors, one may choose to learn more about Insegt Fibre, write code to characterise the fibre tracks measured on the first day, or look into the possibilities for analysing one’s own data.


The workshop is targeted at composite researchers who have previously acquired X-ray CT data or who know the basics of X-ray CT and plan to perform CT imaging. Materials researchers who work with long fibre reinforced materials are also welcome.


Download the flyer here


For more information, contact Monica J. Emerson 



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